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Long Island Labrador Retrievers

Hand Raised Lab Puppies For Sale

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We Love Labrador Puppies

Our puppies are loaded with love! These puppies are hand raised in our home and given the best nutrition, exercise, and socialization!

The parents are AKC-registered, sweet-tempered, high-quality pedigreed Labradors raised in loving homes.  

We're experienced dog owners and lovers and we really to help you find your dog! 

We have a no shelter policy to give you peace of mind to equal your love and attention.

We're excited to have you a part of the family! Check out the video's for some of our beautiful extended family!

First Class Care

Only the best for our Pups!

pups are Hand-raised with love

Raising puppies is our passion.

Labrador puppies for sale Long Island

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We love Labradors!

30+ Years of Loving Labradors!

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Labrador puppies for sale

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Long Island Labradors

Lab Puppies for Sale

About Little Harbor Labradors

At Little Harbor Labradors, we hand raise our boys and girls with unconditional love!

You can be sure we don't leave them in a whelping box alone for 8 weeks like some Long Island puppy mills!

What do we as lab lovers get in exchange? We are filled with the happiness received from these bundles of joy!

Little Harbor Labradors is a private, family-run breeder and long-time (30+ years) owners of Labrador Retrievers.

We make sure our dogs and puppies are healthy and happy in this world and help connect new best friends with forever families.

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Long Island Labradors
Black Long Island Labradors

Some of Our Puppies-Check out Puppy Videos Page for More

What's Important In Your New Best Friend

We raise these beautiful Labrador puppies in our home- We deliver them and raise our Labrador retriever puppies in our master bedroom from birth. We don't raise them outside, not in the garage, not in a kennel and not in some other out-building. These puppies sleep right next to us in their two custom built whelping boxes so we can watch them throughout the day and night!

These puppies are raised as members of the family- because they are! They have been socialized since they were born- and this is important! How important? Ask someone who bought a puppy raised without human touch and socialization (unfortunatey like most Labradors you now see for sale) you'll often hear the words "edgy" and "excitable." These are words that indicate either poor breeding, poor raising or both. When you hand raise a lab puppy you make a huge difference both now and years in the future with your puppy. People don't do that because it's exhausting and emotional work. We bond with the puppies and it's hard to see them go- that's why we will not sell to anyone who will be leaving the dog at home alone for hours at a time. These Lab puppies are meant to be part of the family!

We want to share our love of this beautiful breed with others who want a family companion. Our dogs are not bred to be alone- because Labs love families! If you can't spend the majority of your day with these beautiful companions please look elsewhere. Your new best friend is waiting for you and wants to be with you- they are part of the pack- your family! If you love dogs you know what we're talking about! These dogs need to be with people and are not meant to be left alone during the day!

Taking the time to find the right mating is so important. We drive 8 hours (one way) to breed "George" with our "Little Miss Sailor Buttons." They've produced a wonderful litter of puppies in the past and will do so again! Labrador puppies  that look great with classic lab looks,  kind-hearted, jolly dispositions, hearty and filled with a love of life. 

Take a look at George who is a regal, gentle, and stocky boy with a disposition of kindness and intelligence- a champion! 

Black Lab puppies for sale

And, here's Sailor a beautiful intelligent dog~ perfect at home and out in the field. She has the perfect lab temperament. Kind, sweet tempered and gentle. She is always the calmest in the bunch and has been that way since she was born! But, that's not all- Sailor has an incredible nose- she's great out in fields, in the woods, or at the beach!

Blockhead labs for sale

Our Long Island Labrador Retrievers are high quality pedigreed puppies that are impossible to find! We know, w've been where you are and looked and looked when we were trying to find our Labradors. Even though we live in New York we bought our first puppy in Maine and second in New Hampshire to find just the right dogs.

We know there's are lots of Labrador breeders on Long Island and in New York selling labs for $2,000 for puppies. What people don't realize is that don't realize that these Labrador puppies are often raised out in some shed without the human contact necessary for the socialization for a championship quality Lab. For sure, they're not hand hand raising this quality life-long companion Labrador, one that represents the best qualities of the breed.

And that's why our puppies sell for $3-5,000 depending upon time of deposit. Positions 2-7 are available with backups for more than 7 available. These puppies will be available on a first come, first choice basis. Those who have their deposit in first will have their choice. We don't know how many puppies Sailor will have- so if you're interested get in touch for 2022!

We raise Labrador puppies because we love the breed and we raise puppies that bring out the very best of the breed. This love of Labradors started when Don raised his first lab Banchi in 1985 and Nicole started by raising Coco in her childhood!

Please note: We only sell our puppies with AKC limited registration.

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We're located ion Long Island in a very dog-friendly little harbor town approximately an hour east of NYC and an hour from the Hamptons. Welcome to Little Harbor Labradors! We're so excited to have you as part of the Little Harbor Labs family!

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