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Long Island Labrador Retrievers

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Little Harbor Labrador FAQS

Question: How are your puppies raised?

Our puppies are loaded with love! They are given the best nutrition, exercise, and socialization!

Question: Are your labs purebred?

Both parents are 100% lab AKC-registered, sweet-tempered, high-quality Labradors raised in loving homes.  

We're experienced dog owners and lovers and we really get to know you to help you find your dog!

Question: What type of registration comes with the puppy? 

We offer our labs with a limited AKC registration. We do this to eliminate the possibility that one of our puppies ends up in a puppy mill.

Question: Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes, we have a health guarantee (link) and no shelter policy to equal your love and attention.

Question: Will my dog be able to work in the woods, hunt, swim things like that?

Yes, these labs are bred to bring out the best qualities of the breed. They will be your faithful companion, work in the field and then go home and be a member of the family!

Do I need a deposit?

Yes, a deposit of $1250 will reserve your puppy- We have many more inquiries than puppies and looking to place these with families that will be home to care for them!

We're excited to have you a part of the family!

Look at the front page videos for some of our puppy family!

About Little Harbor Labradors

At Little Harbor Labradors, we raise our boys and girls with unconditional love!

What do lab lovers get in exchange? We are filled with happiness received from these bundles of joy!

Little Harbor Labradors is a private, family-run breeder and long-time (30+ years) owners of Labrador Retrievers.

We make sure our dogs and puppies are healthy and happy in this world and help connect our future champion puppies with loving, caring, and forever families. 

We raise out puppies in our home. Not outside, not in the garage, not in some out building. We raise them as members of the family- because they are! We want to share our love of this beautiful breed with others whether your buying for your family pet or for show! If you love dogs you know what we're talking about!

Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Breeding "George" with our "Little Miss Sailor Buttons" will produce puppies that look great, are kind hearted and hearty and filled with a love of life. George is a regal gentle stocky lab filled with a disposition of kindness! 

Sailor has the perfect lab temperament. Kind, sweet tempered and gentle. She is always the calmest in the bunch and has been that way since she was 8 weeks old.

Black lab puppies for sale

But, that's not all- Sailor has an incredible nose- she's great out in fields, in the woods or at the beach!

On Long Island Labradors of high quality are hard to find! We knew we wanted to raise labs because we love the breed! We want to raise puppies that bring out the best of the breed and that had given us so much love since we had our first lab in 1985. 

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We're located in a very dog-friendly, little harbor town approximately an hour east of NYC and an hour from the Hamptons.

Welcome! We're so excited to make you a part of the Little Harbor Labs family!

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